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Co-op local community fund £5935 to CDaR

Cambridge Dial a Ride are absolutely delighted to be donated £5935 from The Co-op Local Community Fund.
We would like to thank the Co-op and it`s customers for this wonderful windfall that has come from the 1% given by the Co-op on all branded purchases and the 5p per plastic bag charge.
Since last September the Co-op has raised £9 million pounds that has been given to charities around the country. Well done you should be proud of the record.
Once again thank you all for your donation.
The money will be used to help us replace one of our older buses that is 14 years old.
The cost of a new bus is in the region of £35k pounds so we will not be able to afford to procure one this year but hope fully in 2018/19.
Alan Edwards
Chairman of the trustees



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